Acer Predator
displayed above a pool of ferrofluid, an exotic liquid that forms sharp ‘spikes’ when affected by a magnet. a sign reading ‘ask and the predator will answer’ invited guests to speak into a microphone in front of the predator display, turning the vocalizations into magnetic charges which brought the ferrofluid to life beneath the display
Technical Director
Acer/Sid Lee
ferrofluid, magnets, servos, software
Apr 23, 2015
Video: Sid Lee
Direction: Aramique
Design: Mau Morgo
Electronics Whisperer: Ranjit Bhatnagar
Fabrication Partner: 11th Street Workshop
  • 1x Raspberry Pi
  • 3x Adafruit raspberry pi servo hat
  • 32x Standard Size - High Torque - Metal Gear Servo
  • 32x servo extension cable
  • 32x Grade N52 CMS Magnetics® Cylindrical Neodymium Magnet Dia 1" X 1" NdFeB Rare Earth 1 Ct.
  • 3x 5v 10amp power supply
  • 2x Educational Innovations via amazon, 1 liter