Huit Phases de L'Illumination
From sensory overload to sensory deprivation, huit phases de l’illumination is a collaborative mixed-reality audio-visual experiment. Eight physical installations function as a conduit into eight infinite virtual realities. Using abstractions of time, space, sound, color, form, depth and speed to manipulate the audience's sense of self and connection to the to the present moment we create a forced enlightenment that disconnects the audience from their physical bodies and lets them be one with the virtual universe.
Contributing Artist, Technical Director
Palais de Tokyo, centre d’art contemporain
Android, VR, Unity, Kinect
Nov 22, 2015
A collaborative experiment by: Aramique, Mau Morgo, Gary Gunn, Marta Armengol, Guillermo Santoma, Jeff Crouse, Nicolas Dufoure, Hugo Arcier.
Produced by: Tool France
Video DP: Maria Sosa Betancor
Video Editor: Julien Royer
Sound Design: Gary Gunn