Pandora Sounds Like You
Sounds Like You is a microsite created for SXSW 2018, and the first project wherein Pandora let an outside company use data from the Music Genome Project. When users visit the beautifully-designed site, we use the qualities of their favorite songs (determined with a series of song choices) to compose a unique, custon song for them, which they can listen to almost immediately, and/or have emailed to themselves so that they can post it on social media.
Director/Back-end Programmer
nodejs, webgl, ffmpeg
Mar 9, 2018
Design Direction and Production: Tool of NA
Composition: Gary Gunn
Generative Composer: Luisa Periera
Front End Programming: nocomputer
  • NGINX for reverse proxy
  • Expressjs web framework
  • Mongoose (mongoDB ODM) for storing user data
  • MySQL for song and stem data
  • FFMPEG for editing together the audio and video
  • Rubberband for pitch and tempo adjustment
  • ImageMagick for processing artwork
  • Chuck for procedurally generated tracks
  • Microsoft Emotion API for face analysis
  • Dropbox to manage the stem files. Headless linux with python management script
  • Mailgun to send out the emails
  • Gulp build system (concatenating, minifying, uglifying and optimizing assets)
  • Sass pre-processor for compiling CSS
  • JSPM for javascript package management
  • Babel javascript compiler for ECMAScript
  • Hammer for touch gesture support
  • SVG.js for manipulating and animating SVG
  • Three.js for WebGL visuals