Endec is a site-specific installation and photographic series which explores notions of control and freedom through our relationship with technology. The reflection pool is set within the gallery’s ground floor, themes of reaction and distortion are addressed through the audience’s interaction with a bright, white pool. Filled with opaque milky substance, the pool serves as a liquid canvas, which both responds to and is manipulated by the viewer. Using a combination of projection and sensors that analyze motion, the piece is activated by the audience’s varying levels of action and inaction. The ripples intensify as the viewer nears the installation simultaneously repelling points of light to reveal a silhouette below this viscous plane. Creating a visual interplay between surface and motion, intimate moments of reflection and influence are realized through the undulating patterns in this innately infinite and abstractcanvas.Endec marks the first installment of a two-part exhibition with an eponymously titled short film deriving inspiration from the installation and photographic series to follow.